Janet Le Camp, CEO and Founder

Unstoppable Moms Summit Disclaimer

The opinions, strategies, tactics and information shared by the Unstoppable Moms Summit guest speakers are their own, and do not represent the opinions or beliefs of the Unstoppable Moms Summit Host or other guest speakers. 

Guest speakers have each been invited to share their contact information and links to their products, services, websites, and programs. Any Unstoppable Moms Summit participant who contacts a guest speaker through a links provided on the Summit website acknowledges that her contact information is being shared with that specific guest speaker, and also subscribes to whatever information or service or product or program that guest speaker offers at her own risk. The Unstoppable Moms Summit Host does not guarantee any information/product/service/program that is offered by any guest speaker.

Information/Tools/Strategies/Tactics being shared with participants through the Unstoppable Moms Summit is believed to be true, correct, authentic, and effective. If Summit participants decide to act upon any information that they receive in the Summit, they do so at their own risk.
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